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Managing Your VolunteerMatch Account: Jurisdiction & Branch Administrative Options Trying to decide how to set up your VolunteerMatch account(s)? Do you want the information and action to all be centralized as a library jurisdiction? Or do you want branches to have some ability to manage their own account? This document will shed some light on those questions. VolunteerMatch, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch Management Tool
Putting Corporate Volunteers to Work This one-hour webinar (2012) presents evaluation points to help volunteer managers determine if their program is ready to engage, or expand the use of volunteers from local corporations and businesses. Effective practices for engagement, ideas for diversifying the work and commitment level of corporate volunteers, the importance of creating opportunities with measurable impacts, and communicating those impacts are discussed. Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources business partnerships, group volunteering, corporate relations Training Materials
Social Media and Volunteer Engagement What do you need to know about social media as a volunteer program manager? How can you use sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your library’s volunteer program and recruit volunteers? This one hour archived webinar offers an introduction to social media and some of the most popular sites, along with how other libraries are using social networks to increase their impact. Volunteer Recruitment, Engaging High Impact Volunteers, On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources Training Materials
Tutorial - The Get Involved Widget Posting the widget on your library's home page will provide a service to your patrons and increase the number of "hits" on your posted VolunteerMatch opportunities. In this 2.5 minute video learn about how it works and how to install it. Volunteer Recruitment, On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources Recruitment Training Materials
VolunteerMatch "Tour" - with Carla Lehn This is a recording of an online meeting "Tour" provided for California library participants on August 18, 2017. You can both hear Carla talking and see what she's doing on her desktop as she gives you a tour of how VolunteerMatch works, and provides some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your VolunteerMatch account. It's about 40 minutes long. On-line Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources Training Materials
VolunteerMatch FAQs This document answers some frequently asked questions about using VolunteerMatch. VolunteerMatch, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch Management Tool
VolunteerMatch Learning Center This is the link to VolunteerMatch's online learning center. Check here for free webinars and other learning resources. VolunteerMatch, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources Recruitment, online recruitment Training Materials
VolunteerMatch Re-Posting Tutorial This three minute video walks you through the process of "re-posting" your VolunteerMatch opportunities. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step you can take to get your opportunities noticed on VolunteerMatch. Why? Because VolunteerMatch searches are displayed with the most recently posted opportunities at the top! Keep your listings from being lost on page 7 or 8 of your potential volunteers' search results -- the closer to the top they are, the easier they will be to find! And it takes only seconds to do! VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch Training Materials
VolunteerMatch Recruitment Tool - Volunteer Recommendations Did you know that VolunteerMatch has a cool new feature that recommends volunteer opportunities to the thousands of potential volunteers with accounts on their website? The system sends these folks information about opportunities that might interest them (just like Amazon makes recommendations to you . . . ) Two pieces of information in your posted volunteer opportunities are what generate these recommendations: (1) the interest area(s) that describe your opportunity, and (2) the skills required for it. Watch this 4 minute video which explains how you can make the most of this great new feature. Volunteer Recruitment, VolunteerMatch, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources Recruitment, VolunteerMatch, Volunteer Recommendations Training Materials
Walking the Walk: Engage Volunteers in Your Volunteer Engagement Program “Walking the Walk: Engage Volunteers in your Volunteer Engagement Program” is a 50 minute archived webinar by Jennifer Bennett at VolunteerMatch. You will learn how to effectively delegate volunteer engagement and management work to volunteers so you have the opportunity to "think bigger." Discussion topics include: evaluating your program for volunteer engagement, determining how best to deploy volunteers, creating a communication plan, screening and training volunteers to be an important part of your volunteer recruiting, retention and recognition plans. You'll Learn: How to increase your own capacity by involving volunteers in volunteer program administration. Where to go to get resources and help. Capacity Building, Engaging Staff and Unions, VolunteerMatch Tools and Resources VolunteerMatch, volunteer coordinator Training Materials


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